Organized Graduation Ceremonies with RFID

Did you have someone or know someone who graduated from Notre Dame this year? Did you go to the graduation ceremony? Getting a college degree is a huge accomplishment and those who choose to walk across the stage usually have the biggest grin on their faces. If you’ve been to a college graduation ceremony, you know how hard it is to find your graduate among the thousands of students lined up to get their degree.

Luckily, a group of engineering and computer science students at the University of Texas at Dallas have developed an RFID solution that could make the walk across the commencement stage more meaningful for attendees.

Most of those who attend a college graduation ceremony are family members who want to document the big day. But how can you take a picture if you don’t know where they are? Or how can you capture the perfect shot when you have seconds to prepare? That was the challenge the UT Dallas students set out to answer. Their solution was to help family members and friends watching the ceremony know exactly when their student will walk across the stage. The RFID system they designed will display the graduate’s name and degree information onto a video screen at the same time they walk across the stage.

For more information about the students’ system, click here. RFID is constantly being used to help processes and operations run more smoothly and efficiently. We are the only uniform company in the region using UHF RFID technology to track your uniforms’ location, repair history, logo application, and billing. To see what RFID can do for you, contact Ziker Uniforms today.

RFID Can Improve Hospital Productivity

Florida Hospital Celebration Health in Kissimmee has been experimenting with RFID technology to track the movements of doctors and nursing staff to determine where they could save time in their day by reducing unnecessary steps, boost job performance and morale and improve the patient experience.

So far the experiment has been a success.

By tracking the nursing staff, the hospital’s administration discovered that nurses were not just complaining of “running all over the place” – they really were. Charts showed the paths of nurses and doctors zigzagging, crossing over and repeating themselves.

With the information gathered from the RFID chips (placed onto the backs of identification badges), the hospital was able to determine trends of movement and change the workflow to be more efficient for hospital staff and for patients.

“By measuring steps taken and time wasted, hospital administrators were able to improve staff satisfaction. After all, a less-tired, more focused doctor or nurse is bound to be more responsive to a patient’s needs. And that, in turn, could very well lead to reduced labor costs and improved clinical outcomes.”

At Ziker Uniforms, we’ve known for quite some time that RFID technology helps a business run smoothly and efficiently. Our OnTrak System is the only one in the region that uses RFID technology to track your uniforms’ location, repair history, logo application, and billing. For cool facts about RFID technology, check out our Facebook page.

Andrew Mortek Completes PMI Certification

Ziker Uniforms

Andrew Mortek, Ziker Uniforms Production Manager, recently completed the Textile Rental Service Association’s Production Management Institute certification.

The Roger F. Cocivera Production Management Institute (PMI) enhances and develops supervisory and management performance in textile services companies by imparting thorough understanding of best practices in laundry operations and by enhancing supervisory and leadership skills.

We can tell you all about how proud we are of Andrew and what the experience has done for him, but instead we’ll let him tell us in his own words.

“My PMI experience in Dallas, Texas this past April was not just an opportunity to be certified as a Professional Laundry Manager, but also a chance to befriend several people that are in this industry. TRSA puts on the event and its mission is to grow the leaders from their respective businesses and gain a better perspective on what they do on a daily basis.”

Andrew was given the chance to meet with other professionals in the industry to discuss operation issues and share solutions.

“After attending sessions in the classroom and online, I believe I am better to lead and share knowledge for the better advancement for Ziker Uniforms.”

Office Barbecue Cook Off

Ziker Uniforms, Goshen

Because our chili cook off was such a huge hit, we decided to do it again but this time with our favorite barbecue recipes.

On June 2, we asked employees to bring in their favorite barbecue recipes to the main office to share with the Ziker Uniforms staff. The goal was to vote for our favorite recipe, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way. Our employees brought in a smorgasbord of food, from ribs, to pulled pork, to chicken breasts, and more barbecued meats. With such a wide variety of food, how could we pick just one favorite? In the end we didn’t vote for a winner and instead just ate and had fun together.

As a special treat, we also celebrated 5 employee birthdays! Along with barbecued meats, trays of deserts were brought in and we found some candles to light for a cake. Of course we had to sing Happy Birthday to all of them!

At Ziker Uniforms, our employees are also our family. Check out our Facebook page to see more fun activities and events we do for our employees.

Ziker Uniforms at the TRSA Annual Conference

At Ziker Uniforms, we know how important it is to continuously be thinking, planning, and improving what we do for our customers. That’s why last month we attended the Annual TRSA Conference in Sonoma California with 250 industry colleagues.

Ziker at TRSA

The TRSA is the trade association that represents us in Washington DC, and works with textile rental service companies all across America to provide a high standard of service to businesses that rely on laundered garments, uniforms, linens, floor mats, towels and other products necessary for a clean and safe operation and facility. Being a TRSA member means that we have access to best practices, formal training programs, top-of-the-line research, and technological innovations designed with the customer in mind.

At the conference, sessions were held on Innovation, the Global Economy, Sustainability, and Customer Loyalty. We were also given the opportunity to network with the most successful entrepreneurs and operators in the textile service marketplace. The entire experience will help Ziker Uniforms grow as a company.

The benefits of being a TRSA member include access to current trends and innovations. Since 1917, Ziker Uniforms has adapted to market changes and will continue to serve its customers values at the highest level of satisfaction.