Ziker Uniforms at the TRSA Annual Conference

At Ziker Uniforms, we know how important it is to continuously be thinking, planning, and improving what we do for our customers. That’s why last month we attended the Annual TRSA Conference in Sonoma California with 250 industry colleagues.

Ziker at TRSA

The TRSA is the trade association that represents us in Washington DC, and works with textile rental service companies all across America to provide a high standard of service to businesses that rely on laundered garments, uniforms, linens, floor mats, towels and other products necessary for a clean and safe operation and facility. Being a TRSA member means that we have access to best practices, formal training programs, top-of-the-line research, and technological innovations designed with the customer in mind.

At the conference, sessions were held on Innovation, the Global Economy, Sustainability, and Customer Loyalty. We were also given the opportunity to network with the most successful entrepreneurs and operators in the textile service marketplace. The entire experience will help Ziker Uniforms grow as a company.

The benefits of being a TRSA member include access to current trends and innovations. Since 1917, Ziker Uniforms has adapted to market changes and will continue to serve its customers values at the highest level of satisfaction.

Welcome to the Ziker Team: Colleen Hupp

We’re excited to welcome Colleen Hupp to the Ziker Team!

Ziker welcomes Colleen Hupp

With her experience in sales and sales management, Colleen will use her skill set to help develop the Northeastern Illinois market. Ziker Uniforms focuses on helping small to mid-size businesses with their image, safety and employee benefit programs relating to its work uniform programs and Colleen is just the person we need to stay on track.

We’re excited to have such a dedicated person join our team. Colleen is currently studying to receive her MBA in business and when she’s not studying or working hard for us, she loves spending time with her family.

An Ancient Tradition: Harvest Festival

At Ziker Uniforms, we believe in tradition.

Autumn is quickly approaching, which means everyone here in South Bend, Northern Indiana, Northwest Indiana and Northeastern Illinois is gearing up for fall traditions. This is a great time of year to appreciate the harvest, the fall solstice, the beautiful changing leaves, and best of all, college football.

Did you know that celebrating the fall season is actually an ancient tradition?

The harvest festival is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest. The festival typically features hearty meals, games and a lot of celebration. Here in North America, the harvest festival is known as Thanksgiving. But this seasonal tradition has been happening long before the pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower.

Ziker Uniform Traditions

In earlier times, the harvest festival was traditionally held on the Sunday near or of the Harvest Moon. Let’s take a quick step back. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox.

Harvest Festival Traditions

So when the Harvest Moon rose, our ancient ancestors would gather and enjoy huge feasts. It is believed that the tradition started with pagans, but over time different religions have created their own version of the harvest festival. No matter which version of the festival your ancestors participated in, they all included singing, celebrating, games, and decorating.

So how are you celebrating fall? Here in Indiana we have a few celebrations and parades, but until we reach Thanksgiving, nothing compares to the massive feasts and celebrations our ancestors enjoyed.

Welcome to the Ziker Team: Allison Rulli

Ziker Uniforms is happy to welcome Allison Rulli!

Ziker Uniforms welcomes Allison Rulli


Allison Rulli recently joined Ziker Uniforms in South Bend, Indiana as the Sales Administrator for the New Business development team.  Prior to coming to Ziker, she managed a local South Bend printing company for over 10 years. Allison works directly with the Ziker Uniforms Sales Consultants to give them the tools they need to be successful.  Ziker Uniforms is growing in the South Bend, Northwest Indiana, and South Chicagoland markets which makes Allison’s role critical.

We couldn’t be happier to have such a positive addition to our team! Allison truly enjoys the people she works with as well as the fast paced, high-tech environment! In her spare time she spends a lot of time in her kayak, in the gym, and recently completed her first triathlon!

Ziker Uniforms visits 2013 Clean Show in New Orleans

Ziker Uniforms attends 2013 Clean Show

Earlier this summer, 3rd generation owners David Ziker and Dave Fischgrund attended the 2013 Clean Show in New Orleans. They attended the trade expo and innovation conference to learn about the latest technology, products, and trend of the dry cleaning industry to keep Ziker Uniforms and Ziker Cleaners at the top of the industry.

“Ziker Uniforms and Ziker Cleaners are continuously looking to advance the company to meet the customer needs,” said David Ziker. “The Clean Show was a great opportunity to see what’s new in the industry and to talk to experts in a variety of support industries.”